Your advantages
at a glance

Import PDF

Instant scan by camera
Import existing photos
Import existing PDF documents

Edit PDF

Insert text
Insert symbols
Sign PDF

Merge PDF

Combine multiple documents into one PDF document
Automatic allocation of bookmarks

Export PDF

Forward PDF easily
Secure PDF files in the cloud


Use SMART-PDF - Your Scanner App in the Free Version and collect coins to unlock advanced features of the Scanner App. Or choose one of the Pro version packages for instant access to all Pro features - no limits, for maximum productivity.


Details - Your Scanner App
no monthly fixed costs
Insertion of advertising
Collect coins and redeem them for functions
optional in-app purchases of coins
Value of Coins
Sign PDF (1 coin)
Export PDF (1 coin)
Create folder (1 coin)
3 additional PDF documents in the folder (1 coin)
Scan over 10 pages (1 coin)
Merge documents (2 coins)


The advantages - your scanner app
Advertising free
Automatic creation of bookmarks
Unlimited signing of documents
Unlimited Create folder
Unlimited number of pages per document
Connect unlimited documents
Unlimited export
3,99 €
12 months minimum term
47,99 € annual accounting
4,99 €
6 months minimum term
29,99 € half-yearly billing
5,99 €
3 months minimum term
17,99 € quarterly settlement
7,99 €
1 month minimum term
monthly statement

PDF files
import & scan

Simply create a new PDF from different sources in no time with your PDF Scanner App:

Scan new documents by camera
Import pictures from your photo albums
Import existing PDF files or images from iCloud, Dropbox & Co.

PDF files

Sign PDF documents simply by adding your signature.

Multiple signatures per file possible
Scale your signature to your liking
Choice of different colours

PDF files

Edit your created PDF files with your scanner app by adding comments and notes.

Insert text
Insert symbols

PDF files

Merge existing PDF files or images into a new PDF file and process it further. SMART-PDF - Your PDF Scanner App

Support of many file formats
Automatic creation of bookmarks

PDF files

Keep track of your PDF documents and organize them neatly in folders. SMART-PDF - Your PDF Scanner App


PDF files

Export your new PDF files from your PDF Scanner app to any destination or forward them easily and conveniently.

PDF export to various destination folders
Forwarding by e-mail, AirDrop or Messenger
Convenient AirPrint printing
Connection to Dropbox, Google Drive, NAS & Co possible


Create, edit, sign and manage PDF files from anywhere. Smart. Simple. Efficient. Your PDF Scanner App - SMART-PDF
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